Teresa Lyons, B.Env.D

“I always wanted to be a teacher. Even as a kid, I loved helping younger children and played “school” with my cousin for hours on end. However, as an only child, most of my playtime was independent, and therefore spent drawing, reading, writing and playing in imaginary worlds. When I was ten, the first of my three little brothers was born and I finally got to spend time with younger children. I took care of my little brothers in the summers, taking them to the park and doing crafts. As they took their afternoon naps, I dreamt up floor-plans for homes and cottages, furnished with clippings from Ikea® catalogues. At some point over those hot summer months, I realized I had two passions: for play, and for design. I decided I didn’t need to be a teacher; my passion for helping children could be met through my personal life. Instead, I continued to create, and shifted my career path towards architecture.”

Teresa is a Masters of Architecture candidate, currently enrolled at the University of Manitoba. She also works as a student technician at the Centre for Architectural Structure and Technology, and co-founded the Mentorship Program at the Faculty of Architecture in 2020. She loves spending time outdoors with friends and family, and picked up cycling during the pandemic.




Selected Experience

“Warehouse Journal Volume 30” Editor, Winnipeg, MB*

“Cloud of Unintended Consequences: Warming Hut” Editor, Winnipeg, MB*

University of Manitoba Cloud of Unintended Consequences Warming Hut Project Manager, Winnipeg, MB*


2022 Bill Allens Scholarship in Architecture (Travel), University of Manitoba*

Graduate Fellowship Award, University of Manitoba*

2021 University Gold Medal, University of Manitoba*

2020 Undergraduate Research Award, University of Manitoba*

2020 William and Olive Humphrys Scholarship for Architecture, University of Manitoba*

2019 Boe. D. Wong Scholarship, University of Manitoba*

2019 Winnipeg Design Festival SHADE: International Lighting Design Competition Winner


*denotes projects undertaken and awards received while working and studying at the University of Manitoba. Please visit www.umanitoba.ca for more information.