Kian Wong, B.Env.D

"Ever since I was a kid, I have always been drawn towards building and creating things. I loved to play with toys and action figures, trying to create environments to play with them in. While others played the game Jenga® correctly (trying not to make a wooden tower fall), I saw the small wooden bricks as material to create my own buildings I could use to play with my other toys. I also spent a lot of my time building and collecting model figurine kits and mixing and matching parts to make my own creations, especially with LEGO® kits and parts. If I wasn’t tinkering with model kits and blocks you could probably find me watching anime or playing video games in which, I was always fascinated with the expansive environments and art within them.

Design has become a way for me to express my own ideas and imagination, it allows me to build, create, tinker, and share what I love to do. It allows me to communicate who I am to others and to connect with others from different fields. In the words of Albert Einstein, “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you anywhere.”

Kian is an interior designer at PLAY.



Selected Project Experience

UWCRC Housing Project, Winnipeg, MB 

Leon's Exterior Alterations, Winnipeg, MB

510 Kent Residence Interior Renovation, Winnipeg, MB 

University of Manitoba Palace Theatre Demolition, Winnipeg, MB

RRC Building D 2nd and 3rd Floor Ceiling Renovation, Winnipeg, MB

RRC Building D Office Renovation, Winnipeg, MB

638 Jubilee Residence Interior Renovation, Winnipeg, MB 


Barbara C. Poole Bursary

Roy C. Rettinger Graduate Scholarship for Interior Design

Tamara Kucey Memorial Scholarship