Joseph G. Orobia, MAA, LEED® AP

"When I was six years old, I underwent open-heart surgery to repair a coarctation to my aorta. I spent quite a bit of time at hospitals during my childhood, so whenever somebody asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, my natural response was "Doctor." However, from the moment I could pick up toys, it was clear that my strong passion for space planning and design was pulling me in a different direction. I could spend hours playing with LEGO®, drawing floor plans (seriously), and taking apart my remote control cars to salvage the parts for new inventions. I fondly remember building a G.I. Joe® stronghold out of some styrofoam that I had salvaged from the packaging for our family's new VCR. When I was about nine, I invented a basketball shooting game out of a shoe box, tape, and some rubber bands. It managed to score 50% of the time, which is more than most NBA players today. I always held a strong belief that if there was something I needed or wanted, I could just build it."

Joseph (Jo) is a Registered Architect with the Manitoba Association of Architects and a LEED® Accredited Professional. He is also a member of the Manitoba Filipino Business Council. Along with his wife Jen, Jo has two children, Lauren and Milaño. His family has been involved with Magdaragat Philippines Inc. and the Pearl of the Orient Philippine Pavilion since 1987, and Jo recently represented the entire Folklorama Festival as one of the two 2018 Adult Ambassadors General. Jo is a founding member and Vice President of Kultivation Festival Inc., a non-profit organization created to celebrate and promote the modern cultural scene in Manitoba's Filipino community, focusing on food, art, music, dance, healthy living, and education. Jo also loves photography and videography and has shot for Folklorama, the Fringe Festival, and St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church. 




Selected Project Experience

University of Manitoba Palace Theatre Demolition, Winnipeg, MB

RRC Building D 2nd and 3rd Floor Ceiling Renovation, Winnipeg, MB

RRC Building D Office Renovation, Winnipeg, MB

Scout Coffee and Tea, Winnipeg, MB

Spire Physiotherapy, Winnipeg, MB

Playstreet, Coolstreets Bridge Mural, Winnipeg, MB

Leon's Interior Alterations, Winnipeg, MB

Leon's Exterior Alterations, Winnipeg, MB

Seven Oaks Met School Carport Feasibility Study, Winnipeg, MB

Canadian Tire Warehouse, Winnipeg, MB

Essential Balance Wellness Centre, Winnipeg, MB

Japanese Cultural Association of Manitoba Renovation Phase 1, Winnipeg, MB

ClearTech Industrial Tenant Fit-out, Winnipeg, MB

Mabuhay District Planning, Winnipeg, MB

Lechon, Winnipeg, MB

Stage Props, Winnipeg, MB

Hamilton's John Laurens Costume, Winnipeg, MB

FCC Kitchen Addition Concept, Winnipeg, MB

Tanoak Park Drive Kitchen Renovation, Winnipeg, MB

Tiny House Cottage Concept, MB

House in Tamil Nadu, India

Bridgewater Basement Renovation, Winnipeg, MB

St. John Brebeuf School Library and Classroom Renovations, Winnipeg, MB

Hildebrandt Residence, Winnipeg, MB

Beyond Flowers, Winnipeg, MB

RC Chiropractic Office, Winnipeg, MB

27 Wellsprings Residence, Winnipeg, MB

31 Wellsprings Residence, Winnipeg, MB

26 Greyson Residence, Stonewall, MB

Aliyah - Dance Collaboration (photo shoot), Winnipeg, MB

Alyssa - Debut (photo shoot), Winnipeg, MB

Eman - Studio Head Shots (photo shoot), Winnipeg, MB

Folklorama Festival (volunteer photographer), Winnipeg, MB

Little Stars PLAYhouse - Little Free Library, Winnipeg, MB

Little Stars PLAYhouse, Winnipeg, MB*

MTS Connect Retail Store (various locations), Winnipeg, MB*

MTS Concept Store Prototype - Kildonan Place, Winnipeg, MB*

MTS Manitoba Network Operation Centre, Winnipeg, MB*

University of Manitoba Active Living Centre Café, Winnipeg, MB*

University of Manitoba Central Energy Plant Renovations, Winnipeg, MB*

University of Manitoba Biological Science Building Renovations, Winnipeg, MB*

University of Manitoba Active Living Centre Tunnel, Winnipeg, MB*

University of Manitoba Frank Kennedy Locker Room Renovations, Winnipeg, MB*

Assiniboine Community College Len Evens Centre for Trades and Technology, Brandon, MB*

Youville Diabetes Centre, Winnipeg, MB*

Brandon Fire Hall No. 1, Brandon, MB*


2021 Winnipeg Community Votes Award

2020 Construction Canada Emerging Leader Award - Community Contribution Category

2019 Winnipeg Design Festival Proto-Pocket Competition Winner

Brandon Fire Hall No. 1 - 2014 F.I.E.R.O. Fire Station Design Honour Award, Recent Work*

Brandon Fire Hall No. 1 - 2009 F.I.E.R.O. Fire Station Design Award of Merit, On the Boards*

Architecture for Humanity Vancouver Open International Design Competition 2014: The Next Big One - First Place*

University of Manitoba Visionary (re)Generation Open International Design Competition - First Place*

Memberships and Associations

Registered Member, Manitoba Association of Architects

LEED® Accredited Professional, Canada Green Building Council

Member, The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce

Member, Manitoba Filipino Business Council

Founding Member, Vice-President, Kultivation Festival Inc.

Production Member, Magdaragat Philippines Inc.


*denotes projects undertaken and awards received while at Cibinel Architecture. Please visit or call 204.989.8910 for more information on these projects.