We are excited to announce that our new website is now live! Over the past 8 months, we've been working hard with local web developers Verda Design to create a new web presence for our firm. The goal of the project has been to design a site that not only showcased our work, but also reflected who we are as people, as friends, and as family. Here are some of the highlights to check out:


At the heart of the website is the Playground. This is where we come to play, to show you what we're up to, and to tell you what we're celebrating. It's the place where we'll share our ideas, our thoughts, and our dreams. Here you will find articles about events, special projects, and big announcements. We'll also be highlighting the people who bring depth to our firm, our community, and our lives. Stay tuned to this page for all the latest news about our firm!

About You

It was important for us to have an "About You" page. When we set out to build our firm, we decided that our practice would be just as much about you, our clients, friends, collaborators, and team members, as it is about us. So, this section of the website is just a small way to constantly remind us of this. The page features some of our recent clients with links to their websites. 


The first thing you might notice about our Projects page is that it showcases not just architectural projects, but everything else we've been up to in the world of art and design. We believe that all the work we do adds to the depth of our firm's offerings, so we decided to share all of it with you. Stay tuned to this page to see our latest architectural projects, furniture designs, toy designs, accessory designs, photography, and special projects.


Live, Work, Play, Educate, Collaborate, Engage. It's difficult to describe what we do as Architects because there is just sooooooo much to say. Basically, if you have a problem that can be solved with design thinking, there's a good chance that an Architect can help you. Check out our Services page to learn a little bit about what we can do, and if you have something else in mind, drop us a line.


There's not much to see here yet, but once we get some content going, this is where you will find a wealth of knowledge about architecture, design, and building. We will post e-books, webinars, and other helpful resources to help you complete your project. 

About Us

Check out the "About Us" section if you really, really, really want to learn more about Joseph, Paulo, and Grant. Did Joseph really want to be a doctor? What was it like for Paulo growing up in the Philippines? Whose pocket watch did Grant take apart? Also, this is where you will find information about working in our firm. Learn what it takes to come and Play!


We hope you enjoy your tour of our new website, and please visit often, as we hope to continually develop and provide valuable information for you, your organization, or your clients. If you have any questions or comments (or compliments, lol), please click the "Contact" link and send us your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions. Enjoy!

Our most sincere gratitude goes to Jordan and Madison from Verda Design. They are amazing. They put up with all our questions, revisions, and weirdness, and provided us a website that is beautiful, functional, and useful. If you're looking for somebody to build your website, definitely drop these guys a line. And best of all, they're great people!