Children watching the show at Folklorama's Greek Pavilion

The 2019 edition of Folklorama marked the 50th celebration of the world's largest and longest running multicultural festival, and Architects At Play was honoured to be one of the select few to photograph the event on behalf of Folklorama. For the fifth year in a row, Joseph offered his skills as a volunteer photographer and invited a student, Yasmin Reyes, to shoot alongside him. 

We believe that the best photos have the ability to take you deep into the live action and capture the moments that the audience does not necessarily see. Having access to the wings of the stage and other vantage points, we used different angles along with zoom lenses to compose and frame the action. Both Joseph and Yasmin have backgrounds in dance and understand rhythm, lighting, and timing. This helped them find the right spot and the right time to release the shutter.

We would like to congratulate Folklorama on 50 years of celebrating diversity and promoting cultural understanding. Cheers to 50 more!

Limbo at the Folklorama's Caribbean Pavilion
A Dancer at Folklorama's Chilean Pavilion
Fan dancers at Folklorama's Korean Pavilion
A Dancer at Folklorama's Chilean Pavilion
Whirling Dervish dancer at Folklorama's Egyptian Pavilion
Hopak dancers at Folklorama's Spirit of Ukraine Pavilion
A dancer at Folklorama's First Nations Pavilion