Architects At Play Support's Kultivation Festival's First Halo Halo Summit by Awarding $100 Prizes to Two Lucky Youth Attendees

Screenshot of Virtual Halo Halo Summit

On June 12, 2021, in celebration of Philippine Independence Day, Kultivation Festival Inc. held its first Halo Halo Summit, a virtual event featuring a number of sessions geared toward Filipino youth and business professionals. To help encourage registration and attendance, Architects At Play offered the chance to win one of two $100 cash prizes to any youth who attended the event. Congratulations to Danielle Marie Borbajo and Yasmin Reyes, who were randomly selected as the recipients of the prizes!

The Halo Halo Summit consisted of four events: A Model Minority Myth Workshop moderated by Prairie Asian Organizers, an FAMD entertainment hour, a youth panel discussion with follow-up discussion break-out rooms, and a professional networking event. The youth panel consisted of four Filipino business professionals and a youth moderator. Rodney Francisco from Collab Shop, Hope Berena from Kalmado Skincare and Essentials, actress and singer-songwriter Hera Nalam, and chef Allan Pineda shared their insights and experiences to students.

Over 70 people attended the online event, which was organized by Kultivation Festival, Prairie Asian Organizers, ANAK Winnipeg, and the Manitoba Filipino Business Council.