Dalagita Contestants pose with Architects At Play and Judianne Jayme

Play is a proud event supporter for Dalagita 2018!! Congratulations to the contestants and organizers of the speaking competition, which took place on May 26,2018 at the Fairmont. A special thank-you to Judianne Jayme for all her hard work. Looking forward to collaborating with you, Judianne!!! Also, Chef Jeremy Senaris presented an incredible dinner! 

With the guidance of Judianne Jayme, and the partnership of Culture Card Inc., Dalagita is a public speaking project that has set out to empower young women to confidently share their ideas and use their voices.

The "contestants" learn how to be assertive and be heard, while still remaining true to their cultural values in the Filipino community. The Master Classes are open to public so Dalagita can connect with members of different generations, different genders, and different cultures all throughout the city! Dalagita Contestants - females, grades 10-12 - want to make a difference and get involved with their community. Masterclasses with community leaders focus on leadership, critical thinking, and public speaking. The contestants also take part in team-building activities and get involved in the community through volunteer opportunities.