Model of Mabuhay District

Together with Kultivation Festival Inc., Architects At Play is proud to announce the launch of a campaign that aims to establish a hub for all the creative professionals within Winnipeg's Filipino community. Affectionately known as the Mabuhay District, the hub will be the physical manifestation of Kultivation's mission to celebrate and promote the modern cultural aspects of the community, specifically in the areas of food, art, music, dance, healthy living, and education. The Mabuhay District will be a place where all people can come to learn about, collaborate with, and find inspiration from the Filipino community.

Ideally, the district would be centrally located within the northwest quadrant of Winnipeg, which is home to the largest concentration of Filipinos in the city, and would feature amenities such as galleries, restaurants, dance studios, music studios, film studios, permanent and pop-up retail units, offices, makers' spaces, and more. It will be a home for creatives to collaborate and find support and inspiration. 

Kultivation Festival has teamed up with CBC Manitoba to create the My Garden City pop-up bureau at the Garden City Shopping Centre. The pop-up will feature activations from some of Winnipeg's up-and-coming Filipino groups and businesses, including a Makers' market, DJ workshop, Health & Wellness expo, Musical Theatre workshop, a Live Podcast, and Artist showcase. Architects At Play will be on-hand to run a Mabuhay District workshop, where visitors can discuss what a Filipino incubator district could look like, build their ideas out of LEGO and place them on a model that we built specifically for this event. All the ideas will be collected and showcased at the Kultivation Festival inaugural event in June 2020.