Yasmin modelling our Modern Island Youth Hoodie (gold colour) at the University of Manitoba

We are excited to announce that our online store is now active! The goal of the store is to bring unique, great quality goods to you - our clients, friends, and visitors. Here we will offer our Architects At Play original product designs, from fashion, to furniture, to photography, and maybe even toys. You will have access to the stuff that we create, as well as products from local artists and craftspersons.

Geosumfins 3 by graphic artist Jonato Dalayoan

For artists, creators, and designers, the online store will provide an opportunity to showcase their work and connect with their customers. There are so many amazing artists in this City, and we want to provide them with an outlet to promote their work. The first artist we are featuring on the website is Jonato Dalayon, a local graphic designer and founder of 4two Design Inc. His prints, Geosumfins 1, 2, and 3 are available with gold ink printed on either white or black Stonehenge paper stock. These make wonderful gifts and look amazing hanging on any wall. Purchase all three as a set and display the complete collection in your home or workplace. If you would like to be featured or if you know of somebody whose work would be a good fit, drop us a line, and we'll do our best to bring it to the site.

Aliyah dancing in tunnel at the university of manitoba

We will also feature special collaboration projects with local artists, performers, and entrepreneurs. These special projects will be focused on creating some form of art, and a portion of the sale from each product will be donated to the charity of the artist's choosing. The first collaboration we completed was with local dancer, Aliyah M. and featured a photo of her dancing at the University of Manitoba, printed on metal. A donation of $25 will be donated to the Children's Hospital Foundation of Manitoba with every purchase. We are always open to hearing new ideas for projects, so if you would like to collaborate with us, please let us know!

For homeowners and business owners, the online store will be the place to find one-of-a-kind pieces to populate your spaces. It's an easy way to support local businesses and artists, while creating great environments for yourself. Please check back often and think of us when you're in the market for something for you, your home, or your office or when you're looking for the perfect gift for somebody special. We plan to add several more items and feature more artists and collaborations, so stay tuned for more!!!