Commitment to Community

Even before we began our little practice, we believed that we could make a difference, not just through architecture, but also by being involved in the Winnipeg community. We care about our city, we care about our neighbours, and we care about our children (cheesy, we know... but true). That's why we don't hesitate to get involved in things near and dear to our hearts. Whenever we have the opportunity to support our community, it pushes us to find ways to take action. Here are a number of things we're happy to say we offer:  

  • Architects At Play Design Thinking Workshops: We offer Design Thinking Workshops for schools, workplaces, and organizations looking to leverage the problem-solving power of the Design Process. Our workshops can include our 5-minute LEGO® Design Challenge, our Building Empathy Challenge, our Role Play Challenge, our Drawing Challenge, our Paper Clip Challenge and so much more.
  • Manitoba Association of Architects Internship in Architecture Program: We act as mentors for select intern members of the MAA. We meet with interns regularly to provide guidance and advice on their career development and goals. Learn more about the program on the MAA website.  
  • Industry Mentoring and Coaching: High School or University students interested in pursuing careers in the creative or design disciplines are welcomed to visit us for any type of support they need to chase their dreams. We can provide industry-specific insight, employment advice, or career guidance.
  • Ask-the-Architect for Businesses and Organizations: We offer quick (often less than an hour) consultation sessions to business owners and organizations looking for answers to their questions. This could be anything from programming advice, to Building Code issues, to spatial planning. 
  • MET School: Architects At Play is a partner with the Seven Oaks MET School and Maples MET School. Through their Internship Program, we offer volunteer positions for high school students interested in the practice of Architecture. If you or your child is interested in developing a student-centred education focused on the field of design, contact Maribeth Tabanera, Learning Through Internship Coordinator at the MET School.
  • River East/Transcona sTeam Incubator Program: Architects At Play is a partner with River East/Transcona School Division in their sTeam Incubator Program. We provide Design Thinking Workshops and act as Industry Advisors on the students' projects. Read more about the program here.  

We also believe in celebrating and supporting our community outside the office. Here are just a few things that we celebrate:

  • Kultivation Festival F.A.M.D.: Kultivation Festival is devoted to the promotion of the thriving modern cultural scene in Manitoba's Filipino community, specifically in the areas of Food, Art, Music, and Dance. Joseph is a founding member of the Festival, which will celebrate its inaugural event in 2020. Stay tuned for more information about this exciting event!
  • Folklorama: In 2018, Joseph represented Folklorama as one of the two Adult Ambassadors General. He spent a few months promoting the festival, travelling to bring awareness of Folklorama's values, and mentoring the new ambassadors. We also provide volunteer photography services for the Festival, and our work has been featured in print and online content since 2015.
  • The Pearl of the Orient Philippine Pavillion (Folklorama): We are proud to be Platinum Sponsors of the Pearl of the Orient Philippine Pavilion. Each year, Magdaragat Philippines Inc. produces the pavilion, and Joseph's family has been members of the group since 1987. Joseph teaches the group's Children's Theatre Company, helps with the social media, and does the group's photography.
  • St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church: Joseph has been an active member in the St. Peter's community for several years. He is a member of the Building A New Church (BANC) Building Committee and has helped with designing stage sets and fabricating props for the church's productions.