Institutional Design

The design of educational spaces should reflect the needs of the learner experience. We believe that the classroom is as much a teaching tool as a book or a computer, and as much thoughtfulness and care should be given to its design. Traditional educational systems are undergoing a shift in the mindset and delivery of learner-centred curriculum, and the learning environment should be reimagined to support this endeavour. 

We can work with your organization to develop a vision that aligns the needs of students, employees, and community. Our focus would be on the factors affecting the learning process within the physical environment, including adaptability, learner-teacher interaction, spatial clarity, diversity, and opportunity. We can help to build consensus among diverse user groups by engaging people in the process and facilitating the creation of user-centred ideas. The outcome of these efforts is a learning environment that captures the abstract concepts of curiosity, optimism, stewardship, humility, and tenacity, as well as the concrete concepts of functionality, transparency, and durability.

Whether your organization prioritizes the design of a classroom, a playground, a library, or an entire facility, we can help. We can bring a sense of playfulness to the process, even when facing great challenges. We want to make a positive impact in the design of educational spaces, and we would love to hear how we can do that with you.