Little Stars PLAYhouse

The future Little Stars PLAYhouse on Winnipeg's Selkirk Avenue will be a 3,000+ sq.ft. daycare. Women Healing for Change, who will run the facility, asked Architects At Play to work with Men's Sheds to design a Little Free Library (LFL) that will be installed on the property. Men's Sheds is an association that aims to provide activities to retired men. This includes "woodworking projects, cooking, bike repairs, music, and yelling at the television during the playoffs." The men who gather at the Winnipeg Shed are very talented woodworkers who work miracles with Diamond Willow.

The design of the LFL highlights the skills of the Men's Sheds team. Constructed primarily of Diamond Willow, the LFL features whittled posts and a wood bench. The books will be housed in a secure plexiglass box that will "float" between the posts. There will be plenty of space for children or adults to sit and read.

The construction of the Little Stars PLAYhouse is anticipated to begin in 2019. A temporary LFL has been installed at the site as a way of foreshadowing the full LFL project.