Paulo Austria Castillo, B.Env.D, M.Arch.

“My early childhood was spent in Philippines.  As a kid, I remember my grandpa showing me how to straighten nails, how to make bamboo paper guns, and how to find and shape the perfect piece of branch to a make a slingshot.  He often took me to the farm where, on our way, we would stop near a dried up stream to carefully select a handful of rocks that would be launched from my newly crafted tin can smasher!

My grandma would drag me out of bed in the early mornings to beat the rush of the open market to buy fresh bread, vegetables, and fish.  I can still feel the splashing of water behind my legs as the fishermen rush to unload their catch to be sold that day.  I also think back to when my parents were building a house.  I remember running around with my sister and cousins on the construction site with nothing but a tank top, shorts, and sandals.  We would gather scrap pieces of wood to make all sorts of toys and games.  My childhood experience has shaped the way I view the world around me.

It was an introduction to realizing the importance of working with my hands and the knowledge that is gained through the process of making.  It sparked my interest for construction and how it comes together to form the spaces where we work, live, and play.  Above all, It has given me the foundation and inspiration to pursue what I believe is my calling.”

Paulo is an intern and principal at PLAY.  Paulo, with his wife Rochelle, has three children, Emma, Lennon, and Olivia.  As a family, they enjoy day trips to the park with cousins and friends.  Paulo is currently training his kids so they can keep up on long epic bike rides.

Selected Project Experience:

Hildebrandt ResidenceAddition and Interior Renovations RM of Richot, MB

Ketler Residence, New Construction, RM of Rockwood, MB

Farthings, New Construction, RM of Stonewall, MB

Orobia Residence, New Construction, Winnipeg, MB

Abrenica Residence, New Construction, Winnipeg MB

Kaminsky Residence Outdoor Retreat, Winnipeg MB*

Thess Residence, Interior Renovation, Portage La Prairie MB*

Childerhouse, New Construction, Residential, Winnipeg MB*

Cunningham, New Construction, Residential, Winnipeg MB*

Banff Centre, Lloyd Hall,  Banff AB*

Japanese Cultural Association Addition, Winnipeg MB*

Passaro Restaurant, The Forks, Winnipeg MB*

424 Bower, New Construction Residential, Winnipeg MB*

Buhler Centre, Winnipeg MB**

Dehls / Lynch Residence, Winnipeg MB**

Central Park Pavilion Winnipeg MB**

Corogami Hut**

*denotes projects undertaken while at Design-Built. Please visit or call 204.999.0954 for more information on these projects.

**denotes projects undertaken while at David Penner Architect. Please visit or call 204.475.8978 for more information on these projects.


2019 Winnipeg Design Festival Proto-Pocket Competition Winner

Designers of the Year - Western Living 2016*

*denotes awards received while at Design-Built.